Path 2


Group glass education


Have you heard the story of the origin of glass? Where and when did glass originate? What is it made of and how are the stained glass windows seen in churches born?
During this education, you get to know the glass path and legends. You touch the glass material and colored glass details with your own hands. All necessary tools for creating stained glass, glass cutting and installation process are demonstrated.

During this education, a glass sketch of a stained glass window is created with the help of paint. Colors, lines and drawing are a picture of your imagination and ingenuity.

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Important information

Category: educational activity
Duration: iki 1-1,5 val.
Group: 5-20 pers.
Price: 14 Eur / pers.
Language: LT, EN


Dovilė Lukoševičiūtė
Phone: +37063994293