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Rain of the color

Watercolor education


During the education, the participants will get acquainted with the basics of color science and watercolor techniques. You will try interesting watercolor casting methods yourself. Draw some colorful drawings. Participants will attend a watercolor workshop. In them, you will try some fun watercolor casting methods presented in the form of a game. In the course, you will get acquainted with the tools, learn to use them correctly and save them. Wet watercolor technique for drawing abstract drawings, freely touching colors. The basics of color science will be used in practice.

Important information

Category: educational activity
Duration: 2 hour
Group: 10-35
Price: 10 Eur / pers.
Language: LT, RU


Ugnė Vitonytė
Phone: +37069603580 /LT/ +37061846759 /RU/