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Group glass education


People say that glass is the most precious substance on Earth, born from water, air, fire and earth. According to ancient civilizations, these four elements are the main source of energy that creates the entire world. The first glass workshop was found in the ancient Egyptian civilization. Glass was compared to a precious stone and had an extraordinary value. Later, stained glass windows began to appear in religious buildings. With their amazing size and colors, rising to the sky in Gothic vaults, they created a sense of sacredness and deep beauty in the space.

During this education, initial symbols are created. A letter/sign/symbol is assembled from colored glass parts. With the help of the Tiffany technique, the glass parts are assembled into a common composition. You can take your own stained glass window.

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Important information

Category: education
Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours
Group: 1-5 pers.
Price: 30 Eur / pers.
Language: LT, EN


Dovilė Lukoševičiūtė
Phone: +37063994293