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Exhibition of paintings by Irena Andrijauskaitė–Barzjiuviene "Returns"

July 4 d., 10:00


The opening event of the "Returns" exhibition is on July 4 at 4 p.m. WE INVITE!

The author of the exhibition "Returns" is Irena Andrijauskaitė-Barzdžiuvienė. The artist from Telšiai graduated from the then Telšiai Technical School of Applied Arts (TTDT), where she majored in artistic metalworking-blacksmithing. After receiving an appointment at the Druskininkai art products company "Ūla" to work in the creative group, he moved from Žemaitija to Dzūkija. Irena's family was formed here, her sons grew up, and her creativity found new spaces - the nature of her work also changed. It was flowers that became the author's new passion and arranging bouquets eventually became her favorite job. Having gradually tamed the Druskinniks, Irena spent more than half of her life here - her children grew up, and dear, close people remained. A part of the heart remained in them... Why did it remain? Because seven years ago, unable to resist the call of her ancestors and the increasingly beautiful capital of Žemaitija, she returned to her native Telšias, which she always associated with the love of nature, poetry, theater, painting, Lithuanian folk songs, and her favorite songs instilled by her parents and grandparents since childhood. hobbies, which little by little you manage to recover.
Irena remembered painting precisely during the pandemic, when she had a lot of free time. She used to pour watercolors, but after trying acrylic paints, she stuck with them. I liked that you can get brightness with acrylic. To be sure, she likes everything around her: nature, flowers, household ceramics, things. She is happy to have folk songs back in her life - she sings in the recently formed folklore group SULA.
This exhibition is small steps to return to oneself, the author says, it is like a kind of attempt to gather oneself between Žemaitija and Dzūkija. It's like a puzzle, where all the details are equally important and only when you put them all together, you can see the whole. The swift Ratnyčėlė, the graceful bend of the Nemunas River, and those endless pine forests with the coquettishly blue-blue slopes of the anemone flowers and the modestly whiten slopes of the anemone flowers are equally important to her. And where else is "Mergelių akys" for the always provocative folk song, Breathless expanses of the lake...
No less important and expensive is the proud Mastis lake, which decorates and makes Telšias famous, and tries to copy the sea with its waves in windy times, and the Baltic Sea itself, after returning to Žemaitija, it became close. Here, too, is the Shatrija mountain shrouded in legends, the Lopaičiai mound full of pagan spirit...
You can't list everything, says the author - when I lived in Druskininkai, I dreamed of my native Telšiai, when I was in Žemaitija, I longed for Dzūkija... I came back, I visited, this time with an exhibition!

The exhibition will be open until July 27.
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Durys atidaromos: July 4 10:00
Duration: until July 29