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Primitive painting plein air exhibition "Midsummer Colors"

May 5 d., 10:00


When creativity moves away from the traditions of folk art, but at the same time does not adhere to any conceptual current. Such expression is characterized by a peculiar, often simplified (naively childish) presentation of reality. Derivatives of the imagination are often intertwined with reality. Such a painting is characterized by a free interpretation of proportions, a completely free, sometimes conscious, sometimes unintentionally successful emphasis on individual details. The artist not only depicts the visible world, but tries to reveal and explain his worldview in the work. In primitive paintings, this becomes the most important task, which is not constrained by superficial forms or fashionable aesthetics. The primitiveist seeks identity with reality instinctively, based on life experience and without setting formal tasks for himself.

The primitive painting plein air "Midsummer Colors" gathered folk artists last summer in the beautiful village of Vievininkai on the shores of Lake Vievis. Nature inspired creative works of plein air participants came to Druskininkai - we invite you to visit on May 5!

Authors of the exhibition:

• Raimonda Bolienė

• Regina Eidžiulienė

• Jadvyga Gotovskaja

• Eugenija Martinaitytė

• Aldona Ragelskienė

• Deividas Sinkevičius

• Vera Smirnova

• Aldona Vasiukevičienė

• Joana Zinkevičienė

Meeting with the authors of the exhibition - May 29, 13:00.


Organizer - Vilnius Region Association of Folk Artists and Art Creators;

Partner - Druskininkai Craft Center "Menų kalvė";

The project is partly funded by the Lithuanian Culture Council.

Important information

Duration: until May 29