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Laima Saviščevienė „On the wings of a bird“

August 4 d., 10:00


Laima Saviščevienė is a creator of folk art and today cherishes the old crafts of Dzūkija - tying straw gardens, stars and verbs. Ethnocultural traditions and customs are successfully applied in her works as well - paintings from dried plants, bouquets of dry flowers, lace from linen, pine nuts. The activities of the artist, born and living in Merkinė in the Dzūkija region, include personal, everyday traditional exhibitions organized by folk artists, trainings in Lithuania and abroad, and craft camps. Her works and knowledge have been appreciated by fans of Lithuanian folk art in Germany, Japan, China, Poland and England. Laima Saviščevienė shares her experience in the ethnographic homestead “Šilas” (Merkinė) created by the family, which is already becoming a place of attraction for the ethnocultural audience.

Member of the Folk Artists' Union since 1999, Artist status granted in 2006. Traditional crafts (cast wax candles, straw gardens, straw stars and traditional straw toys) are certified by the Ministry of Agriculture National Heritage Certified Master's Name and Craft Training Program Certificate (2010).

In the exhibition in crafts center "Menų kalvė" straw gardens and stars are presented, that were created during the last two winters.

Rye is not only bread, but also a bird carrying happiness on its wings, a rotating garden, a Christmas star...

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Category: Exhibition
Duration: until September 11