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"FOOTSTEPS OF THE PAST" exhibition of traditional craftsman's works

May 4 d., 10:00


The exhibition "FOOTSTEPS OF THE PAST" presents works created by folk artists and traditional Lithuanian craftsmen. The authors of the exhibition - Violeta Jasinevičienė /Rokiškis/, Virginija Sebestinienė /Alytus/, and Vitalius Striuogaitis /Marijampolė/ - nurturers of Lithuanian national heritage. The exhibition consists of items recreated according to historical ancient artifacts stored in Lithuanian museums, maintaining all the production and processing traditions and materiality of the time.

VIOLETA JASINEVIČIENĖ - folk artist, member of the Union of Lithuanian Folk Artists, Panevėžys branch since 2016. Born in 1966 February 17 in the city of Rokiškis. in 2019 became a nurturer of the traditional craft of wool felting, a traditional artisan of the certified national heritage product - felts. The author, inspired by her visits to Lithuanian museums, recreated the headdresses worn by Lithuanian peasant men in ancient times, reconstructed hats and felts, based on preserved exhibits. The products presented at the exhibition are handmade. Wet felting using the old wool felting technique. The material is sheep's wool.

VIRGINIJA SEBESTINIENĖ - folk artist, member of the Dzūkija branch of the Union of Lithuanian Folk Artists since 2014. Born in 1977 June 20 in Kaišiadori. Having become interested in the craft of weaving at an early age and constantly delving into its intricacies, today she calls weaving her vocation, to which she devotes a lot of her free time and teaches others - she conducts weaving educations and organizes seminars. in 2021 became a master of traditional crafts. This shows the highest level of craftsmanship. We will meet the author's excellent braided works in the exposition of the "FOOTSTEPS OF THE PAST" exhibition.

VITALIUS STRIUOGAITIS - folk artist, member of the Union of Lithuanian Folk Artists, born in 1964. In Virbali, Vilkaviškis district. in 1992 started producing bread tubs, barrels for wine, beer, bath tubs, ladles, gelds. in 2011 became a Traditional Craftsman in the field of national heritage product of tub making. Traditional Lithuanian household items recreated by a craftsman based on museum exhibits, literary sources, and photos are displayed in the exhibition.

The authors of the exhibition "FOOTSTEPS OF THE PAST" actively participate in fairs of products of traditional artisans and folk craftsmen, festivals of old crafts, festivals, exhibitions-competitions, demonstrate the old craft, conduct educations, organize personal exhibitions and participate in joint exhibitions of folk artists, the most significant of which is the Republican Competition of Folk Art "Golden Wreath" exhibition. For their activities in nurturing the traditions of folk art, their continuity and glorifying the name of the native land, for the nurturing of ethnic culture, the initiatives have won significant awards.

A meeting with the authors of the exhibition and a demonstration of traditional crafts will take place on May 26. 2:00 p.m.
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Duration: until may 27th