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Exhibition of the works of Kęstutis K. Šiaulytis "Watercolor impressions of Druskininkai"

June 1 d., 10:00


From June 1 until the end of the month, Kęstutis K. Šiaulytis, a well-known member of the Lithuanian Union of Artists and the Union of Lithuanian Journalists, with the exhibition "Watercolor Impressions of Druskininkai" in the exhibition space of "Menų kalvė". The author of the exhibition is an artist-chronicler who is interested and attracted by the present, being, the environment, the interaction between the real world today and the human spiritual being. He participates in the everyday life created by all of us with the visual expression of an artist and the textual expression of a writer and journalist. This tripartite exhibition presents expositions of watercolors, oil paintings and publicist creations.

The first exhibition is "Watercolor Impressions of Druskininkai". In Druskininkai, Kęstutis K. Šiaulytis feels like a welcome guest - when he arrives, he is always greeted by the festive, resort-like atmosphere of the town. It seems that the sun is always smiling here, but if it sometimes rains, a fresh watercolor sheet of water, enveloping the city's forests, parks and goi, pleases. In Druskininkai, like nowhere else in Lithuania, you can feel the mysterious action of nature's life-giving, creative spirit-raising power, maybe the country's largest river Nemunas, the country's largest forests and the earth's energy manifesting in healthy deep waters meet here. When I look for creative motifs - every tree in the city, well-kept flower gardens, park spaces and always - Ratnyčia, a fiddler, speaks of a charming impressionistic illusion. The message is that in the astronomical era of Aquarius, which has already begun, the work of watercolor art has a new sound - the streams of colors spilled on the paper, the threads of the lines seem to echo the constellations observed by ancient astrologers in a distant echo.

The second exposition is "Artifacts of Dainava Giori". This is a continuation of the visual story about Druskininkai's creative influence. Here, the author considers how nature turns into an artefact of artistic feeling - a work of art. The author's words accurately describe his experiences:
"When I wander in the very depths of the sea of ​​Dainava woods, like a hungry seal I grab, grasp, hunt for the visual treasures of vertical pines, thickets of black lichen, heather, and heather meadows. In one place, the ravines of blueberry glisten, variegated, tangled threads of moss and lichen, elsewhere, sculptural figures of junipers shine like starry corals in emerald. You approach, perhaps wanting to wrap your arms around, take home that natural work of art - it would certainly fit in the studio, live in a pot next to the desk. You come, but you only take a pinch of purple-blue glowing berries - it will remind you of the whole orchestra of forest smells... Not only birds play music in the forest: the quacks of Druskininkai's green meletes, Ratnyčia's blue-winged plovers, pannemu's hoarse warblers. Streams rushing towards Ūla and Merkys rush, rush, roar over the stones, the melodies of sand tracks sound, the ensembles of mushroom bridges jazz with colors, the braids of crazy butterflies dance quietly, swarms of bees hum and, it seems, the birches of the shores of Lake Druskonis are whistling!
What remains are watercolors, sketches, painting canvases, like seashells scattered on the shores of the oceans, artifacts of nature's gifts."

The third exhibition is "Crossroads of the Press Artist". It is like a visual autobiography of the author. A dozen illustrations, caricatures, caricatures, watercolors published in various publications are exhibited. It illustrates that the major part of the creative activity of Kęstutis K. Šiaulytis is devoted to the press.

EXHIBITION OPENING: June 2, at 4 p.m.


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Durys atidaromos: June 1
Duration: until July 1